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Racing Car Driver Stunt Wars


Enough driving lessons. Now become a real drifter and experience furious racing on arctic tracks. Rev your ride with a sturdy bumper & use blaze throttle for drifting like a track racer. Use thumb to turn sideways in best car controller & have ultimate fun being a racing driver.Enjoy different modes of extreme racing including Circuit Race and Lap Knockout Series. Play Racing Car Driver Stunt Wars and get hands on customized vehicles in most unconventional race tracks with notorious hurdles. Behold next generation of adrenaline filled manual car racing in auto demolition arena. Experience the utmost realistic and extreme car driving simulator on asphalt roads. Compete against real racing rivals and face deadly hurdles in this automania. Complete circuit racing levels to unlock advanced vehicles so that you will not get bored of playing snowmobile sled racing online.
Play the knockout race against 10 licensed car racers of season 2016. With each level the competition is severe. Reckless racing autos are more speedy with turbo engine. Keep driving super fast like flying cars and stay in top charts to avoid getting knocked down. Avoid corkscrew stunts with maximum speed to overtake outlandish rivals. Last longer in demolition arena to win champion racer trophy & get ultimate fun in game.
Modern Stunt Driver 3D Features:Realistic driving with smooth steering and dynamic speedometerMultiple vehicles including death racing, sportscar & 2 super fastest vehicles20 challenging derby racing levels curvy race tracks & colossal snow environmentAutomatic gearbox, smooth controls for clutch brakes and acceleration
Download Racing Car Driver Stunt Wars for real experience while reckless driving in this unending adventure.